Mary Ellen fell in love with Porcelain Art in 1998. As a young girl she was pasonite about creating, and learning artistic mediums. This passion became a true reality after meeting and learnig from two very special ladies. Carolyn Mask, and Marilee Guttridge took her under their loving care, and the Artist within soon emerged. Through Marilee's 35 years of experience, and Studio she found her home, along with the Mentor's that saw the passion and desire.  She has studied with numerous  World renound Porcelain Artist for over 15 years.  Some of her most influential Teachers are Cherryl Meggs, Brenda Morgan Moore, Jerri "Cookie" Barton and Peter Faust.   In each area of study, many skills have been developed and expressed in her work. 

Teaching has become a joy in her life, she has weekly classes at her Studio in Herald, Ca. Her  State of the Art Studio has also offered a learning enviorment for Seminars. Teachers from throughout the World. In her state of the art studio, 4 day Seminars are offered.   

In 2012 she earned her International Artists and Teacher Certifications.  Some of her accomplishments include numerous awards at the Sacramento County and California State Fair's. She has demonstrated the techniques of Porcelain Art at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento and California Association Of Porcelain Artists State events. In 2012 she was named the Honored Artist for Camellia City Porcelain Artists of California.  Her Art has been published in the China Decorator Magazine and International Porcelain Artist publIications.

Her Art is displayed in many Homes, and Businesses.  Commissiond Art pieces  for personalized spaces, which include Portrait's have became very popular. "They are very exciting, and I look forward to the beautiful creations this Art has to offer", she explains. "Art feeds my Soul, and I'm so happy to express this emotion through this medium, and create Heritage Art".  






Some Commissioned Art

A Portrait of Mattie

Annie and her best friend

Custom vanity sink, to match the wall paper.

Custom vase, of Purple Iris's

One of a kind jewelry